FMEA is a systematic group of activities intended to recognize and evaluate the potential failure of a product or process and its effects. This methods is useful for any process in industry such as chemical, petroleum, steel, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products. The FMEA is a analytical tool used by the process intensive industry. This systematic approach formalizes the mental discipline that is needed to ensure Quality is built into the product. The FMEA methedology helps to Identify actions which could eliminate or reduce the chance of the potential failure occurring. FMEA is of two types, one that deals with the current issues in the process or product, and the other with potential problems to come.


  • * FMEA Overview
  • * Principles of FMEA
  • * Types of FMEA
  • * Benefits and Applications
  • * FMEA team
  • * What is Failure Mode?
  • * FMEA formats and standards.
  • * The PDCA Cycle and FMEA.


  • * FMEA Development
  • * How to identify effect and cause of failure
  • * Severity, Occurrence and Detection ratings.
  • * Risk Priority Number.
  • * Bath tub curve and failure analysis.
  • * Reduce RPN and measure effectiveness.
  • * Sample Application


A failure mode is the way in which a failure could occur and should not be confused with the complaints or issues. A failure mode is the root through which the failure has happened. This can also be mentioned as the deviation that has caused the effect.


The effect is related to the mode as the result of the mode in which the problem has happened. This result could be severe or major or minor.


The causes are related to the mode and is the reason why the deviation (failure Mode) has happened and hence the effect. Causes are generally well brainstormed before the possible list of causes to the failure mode is found


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