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Intensive 25 Hrs Class Room training course leading to Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, conducted by Real time consultants with 20 years expertise + online and class room support for six sigma project development upto 1 year...

What is Six Sigma ?
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I am happy that i participated in the course, the function of the quality departments and QC/QA is very clear.Should be useful for the future.

S Arul Kumar, Engineer, V-Guard Industries

Your training is excellent and well delivered. The way of presentation and the linking of each process is beautiful. It is easy to capture the data. This will be implemented in the company.

R.Venkatachalam, Quality Assurance Engineer, V-Guard Industries Ltd

This program has lot of tools for improvement, machine capability and real time samples on cost of quality is good, thank you.

T. Balachandar, Quality Assurance Engineer, Supertech Industry, Coimbatore

This is a very useful course for all. It helps to understand what we studied in the TQM sessions. Qualimations has related this to actual data and with industrial Samples.

M.Vinoth Kumar, Student, MBA, Anna University

This is very interesting course, it has lot of good tools and the way qualimations deliver with samples is good.

C.Saravana Kumar, Quality Controller, Viking Industries, Coimbatore.

The first day of the session i came to the session with no idea of what is six sigma. Now i understand that this is very critical for my carrier. These concepts make to work smarter and focus on the approach or the attitude to the way you work.

P, Vinoth Raja, ME Industrial Engineering, ANNA University

The course on Six Sigma was taught very well, also planned and the experience gained by the resource person over the period of his working. He facilitated the participants for learning and how to apply practically.

P. Karuppuswamy, Professor and Head(Mechanical), Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore

The course is good and its given more ideas, it certainly makes lots of process easy.

Prasanth. T.M, CTO, Suvan Technologies Ltd.

This course is very good, it teaches how to handle problems.\" Understanding the problem is more important than solving the problem\". The coding style will definitely improve with these methods.

Jisto Paul, Programmer, Suvan

This course is very good for getting more improving business and how to deploy the product in the market.

Sonny John Thomas, Director, Snap Shot Studios

I shall apply this in my area of specialization and the analytical framework will be critical support for legal as well.

Tanoosa Paul, HR and Legal Manager

I am working as a programmer for the last 4 years and always viewed the problem domain from a programmer point of view. The six sigma course has given me a chance to think from a customers view. The course has taught how quality of products shall be improved using various tools.

Raghwan pradeep narayan, Programmer, Suvan Technologies and Solutions, Kochi

My views on the software development and the process is changed after this course. I think i can do the next project in a more structured way.
This shall be applied from the requirements analysis to teh deployment stage.

Arjun Raghunath, Qc Analyst, Suvan Technologies and Solutions, Kochi

This course certainly supports for cost reduction and increases productivity.

Mathew Sebastian,Sr Accountant, Kochi

First of all it is a feel good course, it helped me to think more form the customers view than a developer view. By using the customer specification and how to improve the company margin.

Jibin Joy, Android Developer, Kochi

The training was very

Effective and knowledgeable
Helps know where we stand now
Supports to grow continuously and to higher levels
Support in new idea generation and and to implement in work
The key thing i learnt is \" Understanding the problem is more important than solving the problem \"

Muhammed Siddique, Software Testing, SUVAN Technologies

Qualimations session focus on defect reduction and how to improve quality. This is a very good course and it helps to understand customers requirements and improve quickly. It will help to apply in all levels of the project development phase, this includes design, coding, testing and delivery. It primarily focuses on customer requirement.

Maya Ramanan, Developer, SUVAN Technologies

Before the session i was doing normal methods without a proper structure. This session helps to improve the approach and solve problems effectively. I am planning to apply in SEO and make a structured plan.

Arshad A, SEO Analyst,, SUVAN Technologies

Excellent session, learnt lots of new problem solving tools and the project summarizes all the learning.

Kevin Jose, Programmer, SUVAN Technologies

This skill is very important and it helps me to map the process and problem solving.It is clear than understanding the problem is more important than solving it. The client requirement understanding and focusing on critical areas is key to this program.

Anitha Baby, Programmer, SUVAN Technologies

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma means a measure of quality that strives for near perfection. Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects (driving toward six standard deviations between the mean and the nearest specification limit) in any process – from Customer - Design – Development-Production-Testing-Delivery-Service. Numerically it also means 3.4 defects per million opportunities..  Read More

Apply Six Sigma in: Hospitality, Transport, Automotive, Fabrication, Small Business, R&D, Labs, Logistics, Consulting


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