• Qualimation carried out Special NDT tasks for the Indian Naval Aircraft division for Fluorescent Dye penetrant inspection of rotor blades of Aircraft engines.
  • Qualimations support for AIRINDIA Development of inspection methods procedures based on required reference standard sensitivity levels, available equipments, processes as per Honeywell CMM. Machines considered for preparing procedures are FPI Dyglo made,FMPI ITW make, Eddy current machine wheel scan5, Demanetizer all these for AIR INDIA LTD Trivandrum
  • Qualimations work on Aircrafts with unmatched performance, enabling the delineation of even the tiniest of hairline cracks. With safety a major consideration, the required dose level is dramatically managed in comparison to CR or film meaning that exposure times are reduced to mere seconds.
  • Ultrasonic testing done to detect cracks in aircraft wings, oil pipelines in Saudi Arabia and corrosion on oil rigs from the Sea to the Gulf. To drive the ultrasonic transducers requires RF power. Qualimations is well known for our robust and rugged testing standards. We are proud to specially designed solutions for non-destructive Testing (NDT) inimplementation of OEM product and research industries.
  • Support for Core Non-Destructive Testing NDT capabilities combined with engineering and scientific skills to enable a full, turn-key solution for NDT issues, structural integrity aspects and inspection services.


  • Cochin Shipyard’s new Land mark The 300 T Gantry Crane was fabricated inside Shipyard premises by M/s Mcnally Bharat India Limited and Support from Qualimation was solely responsible in carrying out Ultrasonic Inspection of the Fabricated structure(90 % of the Butt Joint & full penetration fillet were covered by U.T).
  • Qualimation has expertise in understanding of international technical codes and standards.
  • UT of welds on piping, industrial tanks and vessels, straight beam testing for erossion and corrosion, developing film for x ray.

" Perfect,Interesting and highly educative. It has broaden my knowledge on how to handle, solve problems and improve quality in my organization "

Julie O Kodu , protocol manager/project co ordinator, Sea Petroleum & CTAS Group of companies,Lagos,Nigeria

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testing, this check by qualimations




I am happy that i participated in the course, the function of the quality departments and QC/QA is very clear.Should be useful for the future.

S Arul Kumar, Engineer, V-Guard Industries

Your training is excellent and well delivered. The way of presentation and the linking of each process is beautiful. It is easy to capture the data. This will be implemented in the company.

R.Venkatachalam, Quality Assurance Engineer, V-Guard Industries Ltd

This program has lot of tools for improvement, machine capability and real time samples on cost of quality is good, thank you.

T. Balachandar, Quality Assurance Engineer, Supertech Industry, Coimbatore

This is a very useful course for all. It helps to understand what we studied in the TQM sessions. Qualimations has related this to actual data and with industrial Samples.

M.Vinoth Kumar, Student, MBA, Anna University

This is very interesting course, it has lot of good tools and the way qualimations deliver with samples is good.

C.Saravana Kumar, Quality Controller, Viking Industries, Coimbatore.

The first day of the session i came to the session with no idea of what is six sigma. Now i understand that this is very critical for my carrier. These concepts make to work smarter and focus on the approach or the attitude to the way you work.

P, Vinoth Raja, ME Industrial Engineering, ANNA University

The course on Six Sigma was taught very well, also planned and the experience gained by the resource person over the period of his working. He facilitated the participants for learning and how to apply practically.

P. Karuppuswamy, Professor and Head(Mechanical), Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore

This course is focused towards Jobs in Oil and Gas, Piping,Welding,Fabrication, Heavy Electrical and Engineering Sectors.

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