The candidate would have "hands-on" knowledge for each method they will be learning by using actual equipment and materials with "real-world" specimens.

In-depth technical and practical knowledge of the method being taught and presented in such a way that the students not only learn the subject, but are excited about the NDT application process.

Certification, that leaves them to open all NDT and Quality jobs.Training material - course manuals, handouts, text and reference books that serve as reference material all through their career.

Continuous update to all candidates on job opportunities and advancements in NDT.

Excellence in Training, Qualification Assessments and Consulting in NDT

Invest in your career and your future by earning a Qualimations certification on NDT. Gain the advantage in your career and increase your potential for a higher salary. Qualimations offers the best program in NDT with practical application and certification. Take one course and gain enough knowledge to penetrate all job profile in Oil and Gas/Fabrication/Manufacturing Jobs

Qualimations has been providing the students of nondestructive testing with a focused education that integrates the best of theory and practical application. Additionally, our ASNT Professional Level III Consulting Services offer QA/QC managers the expertise and knowledge of NDT personnel who are qualified by years of experience, education, and achievement of certification by ASNT to give "by the book" direction to any NDT program.

Subject 1: Penetration Testing

  • * Introduction and applications
  • * Equipment And Material
  • * Surface Preparation And Application Of Penetrant
  • * Emulsification, Penetrant Removal And Developer
  • * Evaluation And Material Control
  • * Types Of Discontinuities
  • * Safety Precaution
  • * Practical
  • * Exam and review

Subject 2: Magnetic Particle Testing

  • * Introduction and applications
  • * Theory of Magnetisation
  • * Magnetic materials
  • * Electromagnetic field
  • * Magnetic properties
  • * Methods of Magnetisation
  • * Magnetic equipments
  • * Field indicators
  • * Particle medium
  • * Interpretation and Evaluation of Defects
  • * Safety precautions
  • * Practical
  • * Exam and review

Subject 3: Radiographic Testing

Module 1

  • * Introduction
  • * Basic principles
  • * Isotopes
  • * Radio activity
  • * Radio active Decay

Module 2

  • * Gamma rays and X-rays
  • * X-ray equipment
  • * Gamma ray source
  • * Sensitivity
  • * Radiographic Techniques
  • * Safety and Precautions

Module 3

  • * Radiographic film and Processing techniques
  • * RTFI-Radiographic Testing Film Interpretation
  • * Exam and Review

Subject 4: Ultrasonic Testing

Module 1

  • * Introduction to UT and Applications
  • * Ultrasonic Principle
  • * Ultrasonic Equipment
  • * Modes of propagation of ultrasonic sound waves
  • * Coolants and Ultrasonic Sound Energy
  • * Important terms in Ultrasonic testing

Module 2

  • * Techniques of Ultrasonic Testing
  • * Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Module 3

  • * Calibration of Probes
  • * Sensitivity
  • * Caliberation of Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Module 4

  • * Ultrasonic Testing on Welds
  • * Interpretation of Defects
  • * Exam Review and Certification


  • * Codes , Standards & Specification, GD&T
  • * Review of Different Codes Such as ASME ,ASNT,ABS,AWS, API etc.
  • * ASME Sec V and VIII
  • * Acceptance standards of Discontinuities for Castings, Forgings, Plates , Welds ( Plate & piping )

Take the Training

Take the NDT Level II training and certification program, with flexible timing. Become a NDT expert with practical examples and applications within 1 Month

You will be able to calibrate equipments, conduct inspection as per ASNT procedure , interpret and evaluate results in all NDT methods. These technicians can train Level 1 and shall act as a supervisior. The level 2 must be familiar with applicable codes and standards

This course is focused towards Jobs in Oil and Gas, Piping,Welding,Fabrication, Heavy Electrical and Engineering Sectors.

NDT Certification Level

Based on experience & competency in the NDT methods personnel are Qualified as

Level - I

Level - II

Level - III

NDT Certification Level

Now you don't have to leave your place and travel, you could choose a range of online courses. The course material would reach you by post and also as a mail attachment

Our experienced staff of consultants have developed a full range of customised NDT training modules for you. All our products are based on years of practical real-world experience working..  Read More




testing, this check by qualimations




I am happy that i participated in the course, the function of the quality departments and QC/QA is very clear.Should be useful for the future.

S Arul Kumar, Engineer, V-Guard Industries

Your training is excellent and well delivered. The way of presentation and the linking of each process is beautiful. It is easy to capture the data. This will be implemented in the company.

R.Venkatachalam, Quality Assurance Engineer, V-Guard Industries Ltd

This program has lot of tools for improvement, machine capability and real time samples on cost of quality is good, thank you.

T. Balachandar, Quality Assurance Engineer, Supertech Industry, Coimbatore

This is a very useful course for all. It helps to understand what we studied in the TQM sessions. Qualimations has related this to actual data and with industrial Samples.

M.Vinoth Kumar, Student, MBA, Anna University

This is very interesting course, it has lot of good tools and the way qualimations deliver with samples is good.

C.Saravana Kumar, Quality Controller, Viking Industries, Coimbatore.

The first day of the session i came to the session with no idea of what is six sigma. Now i understand that this is very critical for my carrier. These concepts make to work smarter and focus on the approach or the attitude to the way you work.

P, Vinoth Raja, ME Industrial Engineering, ANNA University

The course on Six Sigma was taught very well, also planned and the experience gained by the resource person over the period of his working. He facilitated the participants for learning and how to apply practically.

P. Karuppuswamy, Professor and Head(Mechanical), Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore

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