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Enhance your career and get a big advantage when applying for Jobs,upgrade and grow fast in yuor current profile. Being a industry leader in LEAN six sigma consulting and training QUALIMATIONS envisions tomorrow’s drivers while enhancing today’s reality. Robotics process automation (RPA) will be the next big disruption that our industry will experience in the coming decade. ..

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The course content is well structured and chosen content, plan to use this in customer response handling.

Vijaya Kumar Gangula, Sr Manager, L&T Infotech

Very Good, program and was good, May be few more interesting topics shall be included. Plan to use this in call reduction and process simplification.

Vinoth Kumar Srinivasan, Ops Manager , Verizon Data Services India Pvt Ltd

Good Made it easy to understand. Started with basics and to more, plan to use this in day to day process which is followed in the service delivery, were, more of them are repeated task.

Arun RamMohan, Lead Project Manager, TATA Communications

Very informative course,In My current domain there are lot of opportunity to reduce human interaction by automating the ticketing tool itself. As we used imaged PC there opportunities to self heal the issues with out human interaction

Monalisa Das, Verizon Data services

Good Course, More examples can be really helpful good job from the trainer. Also every day individual process can be given about the time of going home and next day it can be discussed with the trainer it will be helpful to check understanding the course Suggestion : concepts which was discussed and the steps, will try to co-relate in the operation. Will also analyze on the process how effectively and by mitigating it.

Niranjan Kumar, Vice President, BNY Mellon

Very Good and suggest to add on Banking – Home loan & customer areas as well.

Thiruchelvam, Senior Account Manager

Excellent more time on case study would be better Suggestion : BPO and ITES process industry Build products/solutions

Ravi, Manager, Ex Tafa Essxi

The course is well structured and well organized and covers the objective of the training. Instructor Mr. vinodh has explained RPA very well which gives us opportunity to try our carrier in RPA Suggestion : Still finding the opportunities in RPA and I am open for any location and any company.

Jitendra Gupta, Program Manager, Dell

Very Good sessions from Qualimations.

V.Prabhakar, Ad Operations Excellence, Microland

The course is well conducted and covered. should first understand Lean and then plan to use in any of my current work area if possible.

S. Srinivasan, Sr. Program Manager, HCL Technologies

Data Analytics at Qualimations

Analytics at Qualimations is more than just analytical methodologies or techniques used in logical analysis. It takes you through a practical process of transforming data into actions through analysis and insights in the context of organizational decision making and problem solving. The Analytics includes a range of activities, including business intelligence, which is comprised of standard and ad hoc reports, queries and alerts; and quantitative methods, including statistical analysis, forecasting/ extrapolation, predictive modelling (such as data mining), optimization and simulation


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