RT-80Hrs /12 Days, MT- 2 Days, PT -2 Days

Online course for RT will consist of 5 modules with detailed methods of practical test.

The target audience for this program is anyone within an organization who needs to enhance their career by certification to the Ultrasonic methods.

Penetrant Testing

  • * Introduction and applications
  • * Equipment And Material
  • * Surface Preparation And Application Of Penetrant
  • * Emulsification, Penetrant Removal And Developer
  • * Evaluation And Material Control
  • * Types Of Discontinuities
  • * Safety Precaution
  • * Practical
  • * Exam and review

NDT Preparation

If you have an interest in starting/enhancing a career in the field of nondestructive testing, take the UT course and top it with the Radiography and other NDT courses.

Now you don't have to leave your place and travel, you could choose a range of online courses. The course material would reach you by post and also as a mail attachment

Qualimation also offers a range of practical training at sites in UAE, Qatar and India.

Our experienced staff of consultants have developed a full range of customised NDT training modules for you. All our products are based on years of practical real-world experience working.

Once you are part of the Qualimation family, all doubts pertaining to NDT and Quality will be taken care by our experts.

NDT Consulting

Qualified ASNT Engineers with NDT L-III in 5 methods ( UT, RT, PT, MT & VT).Over 1000 hrs experience in Training personnel in NDT.ASNT L-III Consultant for PEMCO Inspection (Qatar) & ARIES MARINE (UAE,Cochin), National Iranian Tanker Corporation(IRAN)..    Read More

Marine Industry

Qualimation has carried out Ultrasonic Thickness gauging on ships (Oil tankers, Cargo Carriers, Passenger Vessels, Naval vessels, All type of Rigs, Supply vessels, Dredgers, Tugs & Fishing vessels) in co-ordination with inspection agencies (LRS, IRS, ABS, BV, DNV, MMD ) in ship repair and preparation of thickness gauging report as per class standards.

Special training by Qualimation Engineers on NDT to carry out Thickness Gauging, Fluorescent Dye penetrant inspection X Ray of Alluminium for ships made with Alluminium that visit the Cochin ship yard for repairs..  Read More

Course Details

Dates :Training Starting every week, Flexible timing!!
 E. : info@qualimations.com
 Reg. Chennai: +91 9940622700
 Reg.Online: Register for the Next Course

"Excellent course and instructor, explains on the concepts, takes trouble to explain with every day examples. Illustrated with actual field problems. As healthcare is relatively new area for six sigma application it will take time but the principles apply. I would consider starting from patient registration and then the billing process."

Dr Satish Kurivilla, Gynaecologist, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences

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NDT Services

Qualimations support include comprehensive range of Inspection, NDT and consultancy services. The products include time-tested conventional methods through to the most sophisticated advanced NDT and Consultancy methods techniques available.

We provide the necessary information and resources to complete your Inspection task through our trained, certified and well experienced staff..  Read More
This course is focused towards Jobs in Oil and Gas, Piping,Welding,Fabrication, Heavy Electrical and Engineering Sectors.

We Provide

As part of the NDT training course we provide you the following:

World Class training

Training Manual

Practical Check Sheets

Online and On Call Support any time ( call for any doupts from site or field )


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